Italian president, Giorgio Napolitano makes Speech to European Parliament 04/02/2014

The Italian president Giorgio Napolitano was on an official visit and made a speech to the European Parliament on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the adoption of the Project Spinelli (see below: commemoration stamp/envelopes from today and from 1984).


In front of the hemicycle, soldiers were raising the Italian flag.


Spinelli was one of the ‘Founding fathers of the European Union’, alongside Konrad Adenauer and Winston Churchill.


Napolitano said that the main source of disenchantment for the European project lies in the deteriorating living conditions of European citizens and especially the rise of unemployment.

He said there are still very tough political battles to be won against ongoing egoism and national narrow mindedness. The speech was interrupted by members of an Italian right-ring political group, shouting and holding up banners ‘Euro Basta’.



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