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Mail Online rips into ‘EU gravy train’

MEP’s travel back and forth between Brussels and Strasbourg ‘wasting’ 48 days a year, according to the Mail Online from 07/02/2014

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A new report The European Parliament in Strasbourg: An End to the Controversy, which makes the case for the Parliament in Strasbourg, has been recently published.

  • The report gives annual cost of the seat in Strasbourg as 51.5 million euros compared to the Daily Mail’s 150 million pounds (around 180 million euros).
  • Included in this 51.5 million euros is 36 million euros for infrastructure costs (heating, cleaning, security, maintenance) of the Strasbourg buildings, which would continue to be paid even if the MEP’s held the sessions in Brussels.
  • Only 19 million euros is given as additional operating costs (transport etc) for the 12 sessions per year in Strasbourg, compared to if the sessions were to be held in Brussels.
  • Only 300,000 additional euros are given as the transport costs for MEP’s compared to the costs generated if the sessions were held in Brussels.
  • ‘The same MEP’s who complain about the ‘travel circus’ to and from Strasbourg, constantly travel throughout Europe’…’travelling for work within the Union is part of their job..’…’For an MEP or a European official, mobility is a must!’.
Daniel Cohn-Bendit Photo Graham Waghorn

Daniel Cohn-Bendit Photo Graham Waghorn

Daniel Cohn-Bendit : one of the most severe critics of the seat in Strasbourg.


‘In this ancient city, again marked by the wounds of  war, we are gathered to form an Assembly which we hope, will one day be the European Parliament

Winston Churchill, speaking in Strasbourg , 12th August 1949


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