Common Charger for Mobile Phones

EU Universal Phone Connecterr

Photo G. Waghorn

The Universal Mobile Charger

  • Did you ever have a problem finding a mobile charger when your phone was flat ?
  • None of your work colleagues had a compatible charger ?
  • Have you got a drawer full of old chargers that are completely useless ?

If you’ve bought a new mobile since 2011, you’ve probably noticed that you can use the charger with almost any other mobile phone.

The new micro-USB plug was the result of the European Commission persuading fourteen of the leading phone manufacturers to standardize the mobile phone connectors in all 27 European Union Member states. The new plug now means that the telephone can be connected to and charged from any computer or other USB device.


Italian president, Giorgio Napolitano makes Speech to European Parliament 04/02/2014

The Italian president Giorgio Napolitano was on an official visit and made a speech to the European Parliament on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the adoption of the Project Spinelli (see below: commemoration stamp/envelopes from today and from 1984).


In front of the hemicycle, soldiers were raising the Italian flag.